Engagement Questionnaire

Are you engaged?

Are you doing your own thing for your wedding?

Are you fun and awesome?




If so…HIT ME UP.

I’m looking for newly engaged couples who do their own thing in life and want to do their own thing for their wedding. I get a kick out of the different ways people love each other and the different things that make people tick. I’ve shot weddings for cowboys to punk rockers. I’ve shot weddings at the beach, in the city, and out on the farm. 

My wife and I drove up to our wedding in a golf cart, walked down the aisle together, and had our dog be our ring bearer. I’m passionate about people doing what’s right for them at their wedding and I’d love to do some engagement sessions for some fun couples who feel the same. 

I’ll be choosing five couples from all the entries. I wish I could do them for everyone, but my wife still likes to see me now and then. The session would take place on a weekday in the evening. Probably starting about an hour before sunset. 

If this sounds like you and your fiancé and you want to show off that side of yourself – fill out the contact info below, give me some details, and hopefully we can have some fun together. 




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What makes you two unique? Ideally, what would you do differently at your wedding than most?

What would having this engagement session mean to you?

Desert? Urban? The circus? The MOON?!

01 We Talk - It’s like a first date, but less awkward. If you like my vibe, we’ll hang out.
02 We Have Fun - We become friends, and I capture you being you. It’s a win - win. And, it’s fun!

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