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I'm Aaron...a Cincinnati wedding photographer who relocated to the Midwest from Phoenix. I love hoops, traveling, and hanging out with my people. If there is a tasty treat involved, all the better.


One Shot: Dixie-Ann and Kyle’s Scottsdale Wedding

May 16, 2016

Picking a One Shot from Dixie-Ann and Kyle’s intimate wedding at Royal Palms was really tough. Not only do these two look so stinking good in all their photos, but the Royal Palms is a dream location for me. I love using the setting to frame my subjects so much and this place is full of awesome architecture and lush landscaping. Basically, I could shoot here all day, every day. I chose this shot because I really liked the end result and how far it came from when I scoped the spot in the first place. This beautiful window sits on a landing in the middle of this staircase. The way the stairs sit, it’s tough to actually get great angles from inside the window. However, I knew there had to be a great way. After some leaning over the railing, I was able to use this light for some sweet foreground action. I even love that the light is a warmer color than the daylight. I love warm photos as it is, so this just took things up a notch. 

Shot with my Canon 5D Mk III and my Canon 50mm 1.4 lens at ISO 1250, f3.2, and 1/125th sec. Edited in Lightroom. 

Aaron Kes (me!) is a Phoenix wedding photographer who also shoots weddings in Scottsdale, Tempe, the United States of America, and Earth. Seriously, I love to travel to shoot and do so often. Let’s have some fun!

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