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I'm Aaron...a Cincinnati wedding photographer who relocated to the Midwest from Phoenix. I love hoops, traveling, and hanging out with my people. If there is a tasty treat involved, all the better.


One Shot: Indiia and Fujio’s Boojum Tree Wedding

Nov 22, 2016

I love architecture. Interesting buildings, walls, windows, whatever. If there is a way to incorporate unique features of a location into a bride and groom’s photography, I’m all about it. Couples pick their wedding venues for a variety of reasons, chiefly because it speaks to them in one way or another. So, I try to highlight the locations features as much as I can. Indiia and Fujio chose Boojum Tree for their wedding and they chose well. Boojum Tree is an endless parade of cool and unique features. One of my favorite is the window featured below in today’s One Shot. I knew I wanted to put them in it and I wanted to feature them as well as the cool textures of the walls, leaves, and other details. I thought my 24mm lens would be the best fit for the job as it would allow me to get close to them while still showing off the rest of the goods. I am thrilled with the results…mostly because of that sweet moment between the two of them. We can compose all we want, but it’s still about the bride and the groom…as it should be. 

This is my first blog image from my new 5D Mark IV camera. I am loving that bad boy thus far. 

Shot with a Canon 5D Mark IV and a Canon 24mm 1.4L lens at ISO 4000, f1.8, and 1/125th of a sec. Edited in Lightroom. 


Aaron Kes (me!) is a Phoenix wedding photographer who also shoots weddings in Scottsdale, Tempe, the United States of America, and Earth. Seriously, I love to travel to shoot and do so often. Let’s have some fun!

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