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I'm Aaron...a Cincinnati wedding photographer who relocated to the Midwest from Phoenix. I love hoops, traveling, and hanging out with my people. If there is a tasty treat involved, all the better.


They say good things come to those who wait. If that’s the case, Jen and Jon are owed a lot of good. They are working on possibly their fourth date and second venue for their wedding. As have many couples, they rescheduled their wedding that was supposed to happen back in spring this year. As […]

I first met these two (plus Taliah’s sister and adorable dog Bandit) over FaceTime as they live in Seattle. We got along right away. They told me about how they got engaged. When Jon thought about how he wanted to propose to Taliah, he knew he wanted it to be something intimate in their home. […]

Whether it’s weddings or engagement sessions, as a photographer I make it my mission that my clients leave thinking it was easier and more fun than they could have ever thought. But going in, some couples are into getting their picture taken and some are not (I’m probably not far off if I say it’s […]

I’ll be honest, I get nervous before photographing weddings. It’s a big, long day where you are trying to make art while also documenting the most important day of two people’s lives. I know I am great at what I do, but I feel the gravity of the situation and I always want to nail […]

The Desert Botanical Garden is an Arizona treasure. I love photographing couples and weddings there. It offers so much variety I feel like you could never run out of new things to shoot and see. Bee and Sam made it extra fun. We talked about the beauty of Sedona (where they’re getting married), sweat lodges, […]

Jacque and Dan came back to their home state of Arizona and celebrated at one of the state’s loveliest of places, in my opinion. The Desert Botanical Garden is a beautiful place for a wedding and really fun for a photographer to shoot.  Fun was kinda the theme of the wedding for me. Dan’s sense of […]

Most of my shoots with couples are engagement sessions. However, I’ve recently been able to shoot a few couples sessions for people already married and it’s been really fun. In Rachel and Rob’s case they are new to the valley, haven’t had professional pictures of the two of them for many years, and are in […]

01 We Talk - It’s like a first date, but less awkward. If you like my vibe, we’ll hang out.
02 We Have Fun - We become friends, and I capture you being you. It’s a win - win. And, it’s fun!

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