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I'm Aaron...a Cincinnati wedding photographer who relocated to the Midwest from Phoenix. I love hoops, traveling, and hanging out with my people. If there is a tasty treat involved, all the better.


The Borchardts

Mar 2, 2014

I find it fitting that my first blog post is for members of my family.  Through the years my parents and siblings have always been supportive of my artistic endeavors.  I can’t thank them enough for putting up with some of it.  (the various louder than explosions bands I’ve brought into my room as a young man comes to mind)  The first session I get to highlight is for my sister, Heather, my brother-in-law, Pete, and my nephew, Mason.  They are a very close, loving family.

20140118-1 (4).jpg

20140118-1 (5).jpg

20140118-1 (6).jpg

20140118-1 (8).jpg

20140118-1 (1).jpg

Mason is a testament to the job they’ve done as parents.  He is a great kid and I can’t wait to see keep watching him become a great man too.

20140118-1 (10).jpg

20140118-1 (24).jpg

One of the things I love about them is how tight they are.  They spend lots of time together.  Walk into their house on a given day and you’ll find all three of them playing games next to each other.  Raiding villages!  As you can see in these next photos, the family that plays together…

20140118-1 (30).jpg

20140118-1 (32).jpg

20140118-1 (33).jpg

20140118-1 (34).jpg

20140118-1 (36).jpg

20140118-1 (37).jpg

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  1. Ginger says:

    I love how you captured this fun moment with them. They look like they are having a blast and your photos show that beautifully! What a wonderful talent you have Aaraon! 😉

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